7 Days Sailing Trip from Split, Croatia

Your first step to find your perfect Sailing Holiday is finding your perfect Sailing Destination. We like to recommend this 7-day itinerary of sailing that gives you the possibility of discovering the most amazing secluded coves, bays, hidden islands and beautiful beaches.


Day 1 – Saturday | Split – Brac [10 NM]

Brac is known for its white beach Zlatni Rat, also called the Golden Cape.
It’s the perfect place for those who love windsurfing. Also, the main town of the island gives you a beautiful beach to relax and unwind yourself.

Things to do in Brac.

– Zlatni Rat (a beach with crystal clear water surrounded by nice little bars to have a refreshing drink)
– Murvica and around Murvica (here you can find the most natural and unspoiled small beaches)

– Ranjak  (a restaurant in an impressive olive tree garden near village Supetar. An easy reach from Milna, Bobovišča and Supetar)
– Konoba Tomic (a family restaurant in Humac Gornji, food cooked in open fire)
– Taverna Riva (a delightful restaurant based in the village of Bol)

– Wine tasting in Bol at ‘Stina winery.’
– Wine tasting in Dracevica at ‘Senjkovic winery.’

Vis - 7 Days Sailing trip from Split











Day 2 – Sunday | Brac – Vis [20 NM]

Vis is one of the most mysterious islands of Croatia, even to the locals. It is divided between two small towns at the foot of two bays; Vis Town in the northeast and Komiza, a fishing village in the southwest with mooring lines on the village dock.

Things to do in Vis.

– Srebrna beach (Also called Silver Beach is a natural back with some rocky areas where you can sit back and enjoy the sun)
– Porat (a lovely sandy beach based on the islands of Besevo)
– Stoncica (a sandy beach)
– Zaglav (another beautiful sandy beach)
– Stiniva (one of the most famous bays in Croatia)
– Budikovac (a turquoise bay with pebble beach)

– Lola (in village of Vis)
– Bako (a fish restaurant in the village of Komiza)
– Pojoda (another fish restaurant in the village of Kut)
– Konoba Magic (a beautiful restaurant in a vineyard)
– Rokis (a restaurant, specialized in Peka dishes, book a table!)

– Wine tasting in the village of Pllisko Polje at the ‘Rokis Winery.’
– Wine tasting in the town of Vis at the ‘Lipanovic winery.’

Lastovo - 7 Days Sailing trip from Split











Day 3 – Monday | Vis – Lastovo [35 NM]

Zaklopatica Bay is located on the small island Lastovo. It is a protected bay with a couple of restaurants that offers mooring lines. Also in front of the village dock, you can find mooring lines. Skrivena Luka Bay is a small private marina and is also a great place to anchor.

Things to do in Lastovo.

– Saplun Bay (located on the east side of the island)

– Fumari (located in the village of Lastovo with great food)
– Tritin (a fish restaurant in Zaklopatica Bay)

Korcula - 7 Days Sailing trip from Split














Day 4 – Tuesday | Lastovo – Korcula [20 NM]
Korcula is a small and historic town that is also called ‘Small Dubrovnik.’ It’s a great place where you can find a marina you can moor in.

Things to do Korcula.

– Pupnatska Luka Bay (Located on the south side of the island you can find this beautiful pebble beach)
– Pržina (Sandy Beach)
– Bill žal (Sandy Beach)

– Stupe restaurant (The perfect restaurant to have lunch at)
– Ranč Maha (An inland meat restaurant)
– Dimitri Lešić Palace (Located in the city of Korčula)

– Wine tasting in the village of Čara at the ‘Čara winery.’
– Wine tasting in the town of Lumbarda at the ‘Bire winery.’

Hvar harbor - 7 Days Sailing trip from Split

Day 5 – Wednesday | Korcula – Hvar [32 NM]

Hvar is a renowned place. This small bay town comes from the 13th-Century and has traffic free streets. It has a beautiful main square, many beaches and if you prefer, you can even party at night.
The marina called Marina Palmižana is based in a nature park, only a five-minute water taxi ride from Hvar. Also, Vinogradišče is a good anchorage option. On Pakleni Islands, there are many more anchorage places in front of Hvar.

Things to do in Hvar.

– Borče Bay (A turquoise bay with pebble beach between Milna and Hvar)
– Dubovica (Located in the south of the island you can find this secluded pebble beach)
– Palmižana (A place where you can find the excellent restaurants and lounge bars)

– Konoba ‘Pineta’ in the village of Starigrad
– Bistro ‘Kod Damira’ in the village of Starigrad
– Gariful in the village of Hvar
–  Zori at Pakleni islands
– Laganini at Pakleni islands
– Tottos at Pakleni islands
– Paladini in the village of Hvar
– Giaxa in the village of Hvar

– Wine tasting at ‘Tomić winery’ in the village of Jelsa
– Wine tasting at ‘Duboković winery’ in the village of Jelsa
– Wine bar called ‘Tri Pršuta’ in the village of Hvar
– Lounge bar called ‘Laganini’ at the Pakleni Islands


Day 6 – Wednesday | Hvar – Solta [12 NM]
Another day and you will discover this beautiful island called Solta. On the Northeast cost, you will find Stomorska, Rogac and Necujam, the three most popular villages on the island.

Things to do in Solta.

– Sakajet (Located in the village of Maslinica)
– Sismis (you can anchor in the bay and enjoy a great dinner)

– Wine tasting Castle of Martinis Marchi

7 Days Sailing trip from Split

Day 7 – Wednesday |  Solta – Split [10 NM]

As one of the most popular destinations in Croatia, Split has many sailing possibilities and the harbor gives you excellent services. This beautiful city offers you lots of cafes, restaurant, and an excellent nightlife.

Things to do in Split.

– Kaštelet (with many beach bars a popular place for also young people)
– Trstenik (gravel or pebble beach with a shallow entrance)
– Firula (a small sandy beach)
– Ovčice (a small pebble beach)
– Bačvice (Split’s most popular sandy beach)

– Konoba Marjan (one of the most favorite restaurant of travelers including a choice of local food)
– Congo Znjan (a lovely lounge bar and restaurant near the sea)
– Villa Spiza (locals favorite restaurant)
– Oyster and Sushi Bar Bota


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Where can I go sailing?

Often we receive this question; “Where can I go sailing?” If you have not chosen your destination for your coming sailing holiday or you would like to discover more locations, we can help. We offer yachts all around the world and for everyone there is “that” perfect location!


Your sailing holiday probably depends on your preferred period and distance. Do you want to be sure of good weather, there are countless opportunities for a sunny holiday in Europe. But also subtropical locations are an option. We would like to give you some tips, what to think of when choosing your sailing holiday and to give you the answer on the questions, where can I go sailing?

The wind and your Itinerary
Wind speed and direction influences your sailing schedule and route, especially if you rent bareboat and when you can decide your own route. This has everything to do with the feasibility of planned stopovers and your final destination.

Sailing route and distance
Instead of sailing in a loop whereby you return to the port of departure, you can also choose for a one-way sailing trip and embark in one marina and disembark in another marina. The advantage of a one-way is that you can travel further and see more places. You can also choose for the beautiful flotilla holiday and sail in a small fleet. The sailing route has been created for you, even you and the other sailors will always have a choice where to go. The distance will not be too long and at the same time you will be able to visit the most beautiful places in the area. Most flotillas start and end at the same marina, but there are also one-way flotillas.

More information

Where and when the wind in its sails?
The whole year you can find places to go sailing in the sun. Even when it is winter, you can always discover places around the equator and in the southern hemisphere, think of the Caribbean, the Maldives, Seychelles, Thailand, Australia and Polynesia.

Let’s go back to the wind and your route in a given area. For example, in the Caribbean the wind blows from the east. In some areas you will need to avoid hurricane season from July to December, when the yachts are not already been removed from the rental.

Along the Greek and Turkish coast the wind blows mostly from the north. But on the Ionian Sea during Spring is practically no wind. This is relaxed for the novice sailor, but less challenging for the sporty sailor.

Where can I go sailing? An overview of sailing areas and the best time to go sailing:

When to go sailing?

Currents and tides
Currents and tides also influence the routes to sail. In the North Sea we always need to take into account the tides and we keep the tide table at hand, while on the Baltic Sea is hardly any difference between high and low tide. In areas with many islands close together, such as in some places like the Indian and Pacific Oceans, the current arises between these islands because the water is pushed up.

Swell and waves
The depth of the water affects swell and waves. The Mediterranean Sea has a depth of 500 meters or more. No exception to the fathomless depths of the big oceans to mention. Be careful: Colours the water of the Mediterranean Sea lighter blue, you should be aware of a shoal and reef that can rise steeply.

Monohull or Catamaran
Sailing areaLots of sailors have a preference for a typical sailingyacht. A monohull or catamaran. Aside from preference or sailing on a specific yacht, you can argue that a catamaran particularly comes into its own in shallow, sandy bays. Besides, you will be generally less affected by fluctuations. Therefore the catamaran is more often a choice when a group takes into account seasickness. However, on a monohull it is easier to find places and marinas where there is less space.

Select the sailing holiday that suits you
When planning your sailing holiday, several factors play a role, but it will also be the joyful anticipation! Do you find it difficult to choose a destination? Get some advice from a good charter provider. They know from experience what is right for you. In any case, you can already prepare for the sailing holiday abroad.

For the less experienced sailors the flotilla is highly recommended, because there is a guidance yacht sailing with you and the skipper can provide assistance when needed.

Finally, you can choose the best yacht suits you. There are plenty of opportunities for everyone to experience a fantastic sailing holiday!


All destinations Euroboat Charter


If sailing to historically protected cities by UNESCO, visiting beautiful vineyards, watching whales and dolphins in the open water and admiring the Caldeira Volcano is enjoyable for you, then this post is for you. It is full of activities suitable for one-week boating trip around the Azores. Make notes and enjoy your journey this summer.

DAY 1: Sail to Velas (São Jorge Island), 22 miles and visit Velas/São Jorge

Be amazed by arriving at the unique natural setting of Velas Marina, sheltered by massive cliffs of 200 m. Discover the enchanting towns of Velas and Calheta and cross the thin (8 km) but steep Island (300 m). To visit some of its more fabulous fajas (flat tongues of lava at the bottom of steep volcanic cliffs), Cubres, Ouvidor and, especially, Santo Cristo, a unique natural lagoon ring-shaped, that is now becoming a surfing sanctuary.

Must visit: Town of Velas; Fajã dos Cubres, Fajã do Ouvidor, and Fajã de Santo Cristo.



DAY 2: Sail to Angra do Heroísmo (Terceira Island), 49 miles

Enjoy a full day of sailing and cross your fingers for an amazing ride shared with dolphins and, perhaps, turtles and whales! You might be the lucky one.

DAY 3: Visit Terceira Island

Once in Angra do Heroísmo, get yourself lost in the immaculate and well-preserved streets of one of the most historical cities of Portugal and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Still, Terceira does not end in the unique charm of Angra. You must drive along the green leaves of a truly stunning landscape towards Algra do Carvão caves, with its magnificent stalagmites, stalactites, and a lake. And by the way, Terceira is the land of joy and excitement in the Azores.

Must visit: UNESCO city of Angra do Heroísmo; Algar do Carvão caves.

DAY4: Sail to Lajes do Pico (Pico Island), 54 miles

Enjoy another full day of sailing and admire the natural beauty of Pico’s rocky south coast before entering the birthplace of the Azorean once legendary whale industry, Lajes do Pico.



DAY5: Visit Pico Island

Organize yourself. One day to visit Pico is the least you can do. Start in the heart of its ancient whaling culture, visiting the Whalemen’s Museum at Lajes do Pico Island Vineyard Culture, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Continue through the coastline and you will be amazed by the roughness of its magma setting. Once in São Roque do Pico visit the Whaling Industry Museum and start climbing the mountain back to Lajes do Pico, stopping at the altitude lagoons of Capitão and Calado.

Must visit: Landscape of the Pico Island Vineyard Culture; Whalemen’s Museum at Lajes do Pico and Whaling Industry Museum at São Roque do Pico; Capitão and Caiado Lagoons.

DAY 6: Sail back to Horta (Faial Island), 21 miles

Arrive at Horta Marina and get yourself a well-deserved last night on board, along a mythical Gin at Peter’s Cafe Sport to celebrate a full week of sailing while traveling and discovering the wonderful Azores. But don’t forget, Faial is not only about yachts, the Marina, and Horta. Don’t leave us before admiring the Caldeira Volcano, a deep crater of 2000 x 400 meters and Capelinhos Volcano, an almost lunar and arid landscaped of 3 square km conquered to the sea by more than 300 explosions and earthquakes in 1957.

Must visit: Caldeira and Capelinhos Volcano.

Vajda’s passion for sailing began in the Adriatic at the young age of five, and the list of competitions, classes and sailing events he has experienced are impressive.

“Optimist and Laser classes”

He has sailed in Optimist and Laser classes as well as on cruisers as a member of some of the most accomplished teams in the Adriatic Sea. Vajda continues to be a member of several sailing teams as a sailor as well as a professional photographer, -his other professional calling.

“Unforgettable time”

For the last 22 years, Vajda has sailed with tourists across the Adriatic and amassed extensive experience and knowledge of the Adriatic Sea. His heart’s mission is to give his guest crew a safe and unforgettable time during their time onboard. A father of two boys, he has seen his children grow up on boats, and is incredibly patient and softly spoken with junior sailors.

As a professional photographer and videographer Vajda has frequently published his photos and written articles with leading Croatian sailing and yachting magazines including the well-known More.

He has also participated in the making of “Sailing pilot” and “Pearl of the Adriatic”, the two films which have greatly contributed to the knowledge of Adriatic’s nautical experience.

Yacht charter discounts Salerno, Amalfi coast and Cilento coast, Italy

Yacht charter discounts Salerno, Amalfi coast and Cilento coast, ItalyWe are delighted to announce the renewal the sensational incentive proposed in co-operation with the Chamber of Commerce of Salerno: the Cilento Promotion. Giving discounts on yacht charter in Salerno, Amalfi coast and Cilento coast in Italy!

What is the Cilento Promotion

The Cilento Promotion is an incentive proposed in co-operation with the Chamber of Commerce of Salerno, resulting in a hard discount for the charter customers that choose the Salerno province for their yacht charter holiday, i.e. the region included between Postiano and Sapri. The discount is applied at the moment of the reservation. It has different values depending on the number of cabins of the boat:

  • €300,- discount on 2 cabin yachts;
  • 400,- discount on 3 cabin yachts;
  • 500,- discount on 4 and 5 cabin yachts.


Additionally, the Cilento Promotion discount is added to the usual discount proposed by Euroboatcharter.com!

So, wait no longer! Book your charter yacht right now and enjoy the finest pleasures the Cilento Coast and the Salerno Province can offer. You will long remember its wilderness, white beaches between soaring cliffs dominated by ancient towers and bays of crystal-clear water, and the friendly and hospitable locals.


The purpose of the incentive is to increase popularity of the Salerno region among yacht charter customers. The incentive is applicable on one week charters or longer. In case of one week charter, customers have to sail mainly in Salerno Province, at least 4 nights. In case of a charter period longer than a week, sailors are free to sail wherever they prefer. For example in a period of two weeks, you can choose to stay in Cilento for one week and go to the Aeolian Islands or Gulf of Naples the other week.

The conditions to receive this discount are:

  • The discount is applicable on one week yacht charters or longer;
  • 4 mooring or transit certifications are needed from ports of the Salerno Province, i.e. the region included between Postiano and Sapri. At a pontoon of our partner you can receive one out of the four certificates.
  • The certifications have to be signed by the direction of the marinas or by the Coast Guard.
  • The discount is valid all season, including August
  • On a 2 cabin yacht the crew list must include at least 3 members (including the skipper)
  • On a 3 cabin yacht the crew list must include at least 4 members
  • On a 4 cabin yacht the crew list must include at least 6 members
  • On a 5 cabin yacht the crew list must include at least 7 members
  • The discount is applied at the moment of the reservation
  • One way charters with the above conditions are also valid

Important: In case of incomplete documentation we are obliged to deduct the amount of the Cilento promotion from the deposit at the end of the charter.

Yacht charter discounts Salerno, Amalfi coast and Cilento coast, ItalyCheap sailing holiday opportunities Salerno, Italy

With Euroboatcharter.com you have different opportunities to take advantage of this discount. We offer bareboat sailing holiday’s form Salerno, which gives you all the freedom to explore this region on your own. Another sailing holiday we offer in this region Flotilla Sailing, a social way of sailing a route with up to 10 different yachts.

Brief description of Salerno and its coast


Salerno is located in northern side of the homonym gulf on the Italian west coast, 60 km south of Naples. It is surrounded by green and high mountains. Salerno is located on a great position, just in the middle of two beautiful coast. The coasts are different from each other, but both so beautiful that they are included in the MAB (Man and Biosphere) program of UNESCO. From Salerno it is also possible to visit places of high cultural and historical interest, like Pompei (25km) or Paestum (30km) or an excursion on the Vesuvius (40km). Yacht charter discounts Salerno, Amalfi coast and Cilento coast, Italy

The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is spectacular! Huge and long mountains and rocky ridges hide many quiet corners with tiny beaches and little villages, surrounded by cliffs and green vegetation. The main villages are Amalfi, historical centre for being one of the Maritime Republics, and Positano.

The Cilento Coast

The Cilento Coast is a National Park and a nice sailing ground. It stretches for 40 miles, about 20 to 60 miles south of Salerno. Cilento Coast preserved an extraordinary uncontaminated nature. Its atmosphere and landscape will surprise and delight you. You will long remember its wilderness, white beaches between soaring cliffs, dominated by ancient towers, fishing villages, caves and creeks, bays of crystal-clear water, the friendly and hospitable locals and moderate costs.

The Mediterranean cuisine

The Cilento Coast is also a good destination for lovers of the local food. You can enjoy the typical Mediterranean cuisine of Cilento in pure and spectacular wild, natural surroundings. The Cilento is representative for the world of the Mediterranean Diet, characterized by a nutritional model that has remained constant over time and space. For info about Mediterranean Diet please visit www.unesco.org.

Lonely Planet Greece Athens (translated by Google translate)

Users of this guide – the Bible – some call it even know the phenomenon : in search of authenticity and identity draws a cavalcade of adventurers with Lonely Planet in hand over the earth . With thousands they follow exactly the same routes and arrive at exactly the same village squares . Where the locals would still be authentic … Meanwhile, the locals themselves already said goodbye to their fermented goat milk and other use . They are authentic nowadays do in one of the many burger joints that the view of the famous square completely ruin . Backpacking is hungry and individuality is nothing so individualists let it taste good . On an empty stomach What remains of the herd is excited the burgers screwed . Meanwhile, the original village life takes place five miles away off in a village where have the guide, and his loyal followers , never heard of .

Sailing Directions from Athens

We sail a round Saronic Gulf , south of Athens . The unknown waters forcing us to use the Pilot . Use The only question is whether used alone sends us to ” Lonely Planet places ” . We actually find ancient Greece , if it still exists . Beautiful yacht that leaves no trace , I think, staring at our wake. The sea let us through and closes behind us , as if we have never been there . We ‘re on our way to the island of Aegina , about 20 miles sail from our base in Kalamaki . The Meltemi is quiet. Above we see the Greek mainland for this wind so typical wind blowing feathers but here there is a south- easterly wind , force 3 .

Route Athene

Sailing Route Athene

The port of Aegina is famous for its cozy taverns . There are karaoke bars and fashion boutiques . On the plane to Athens we arrived at fellow sailors , who wanted to sail . Flotilla in to Aegina ” Nice for a night out ” , I suggest to my crew . ” Especially nice because there were only young girls on those boats , you mean ,” it sounds from behind the navigation table. My wife pointing on the map to the east side of the island : “There seems to be with good holding ground, and according to the Pilot a bay you from there to one of the oldest temples of Greece walking” . Together with a yacht and a catamaran we anchored 100 meters from the beach . In 7 meters of water we see the anchor on the bottom . 50 Meter chain after it and we are like a house . “Later the dinghy just check how deep it is still as we get closer to the beach ,” says Robert . ” For as the wind turns and we drive there I mean .” Good idea .

The route to the temple of Aphaia is a tough hike to the top of the mountain . For the more set on luxury readers : there is also reachable by bus . The priests had a nice view from their workplace : we see in the bay far below the ship , and on the horizon are even Athens . The well-preserved temple takes us back to the time when priests still held sway over this island , and probably not just that . On maps indicating where was the original place of sacrifice . ” Do not think too much about what those bastards have just sacrificed ” , Robert demonstrates his vision of the whole. Meanwhile we stroll to the inevitable knickknacks shop with Greek ceramics , including erotic paintings . The lady at the checkout looked like 100 but it may also have been 50 years in the tropics . Surrounded by Greek porn boards , cards and vases she sees the unperturbed to . ” No wonder that priests were such strange ideas ,” says Pia . ” If you are in any case but leave it out of your head ” . It is time to walk . Again to the village

My name is Panos

” I ‘m Panos and I run a bar here since 1976 .” Then he has long maintained that : during our walk we came back a few bars and hotels to leave . ” Oh , we’ve always had here in Greece , problems,” says Panos . “Before, we just lowered the price of the Drachma . But now with the euro , everything has become more expensive for us . ” Are we to understand that they themselves have as many problems with the euro , as the union with them ? “From Policy I understand nothing , sir . I only know that the Greeks do not come here because it is too expensive for them . Therefore it is all so quiet . ” We order just one round , which Panos goes to the garden behind the bar and comes back with a bowl of strawberries. Sugar and cinnamon on top and at the second Gin Tonic I think all like the Greeks : “What problems? The sun is shining , I see no problems . Do you? ” Cheers !

 The advantage of the recession

Running back to the dinghy we pass an apartment complex under construction . This shows itself one of the advantages of the recession . Greek ingenuity at its best: the apartments , ever meant to go with a luxurious swimming pool with magnificent view over the bay , tourism is now used by farmers who have made ​​goat pens . But not only goats live here . As we walk through the weeds now and then we hear footsteps . Eventually we arrive at a makeshift tent constructed of plastic . ” Camping at room 308 , ” mumbles Robert . “I think it’s time we start acting again Ron , that” off the beaten track ‘ of yours us as a tourist I now believe it . And those footsteps are indeed fast approaching . ” Apparently we relaxed stroll ( in fast walking pace ) back to the harbor with the dinghy . Do not get us wrong : Ayia Marina is a beautiful place and we had to make an effort to read the back of the story . At the front there is nothing to worry about. In the evening we go to restaurant on the advice of Panos Costa . Because Robert a more tourist attitude expected ( and because he does not want to exhaust his girlfriend too ) we take the horse . The best restaurants are never at A1 locations and this one is no exception . A few kilometers outside the village we are roaring delivered to Costa . Highly recommended !

 As a tourist to Poros

Aegina Poros is only twenty miles. Poros is a peninsula in the Bay of Askeli . The Pilot recommends it and we find suspicious. This will later prove unjustified because Poros is a beautiful village . While we in the Bay of Aegina spend the last night the wind is picking up . He also runs so we are very close to the beach the next day . The more chain , the better ” is not always so . We cut off the anchor and sailed to Poros .

No antifouling needed in Methana

Because the wind the skipper rather held that night from sleep does the youngsters today the navigation. Sailing to Poros we take the Pilot back in hand and read that we pass on the way the Methana peninsula . Do not go , says the Pilot . Methana ( what’s in a name? ) Is a volcanic island and the port is permeated with the smell of methane gas , which still comes up from the bottom. A sailor has no business here , says the guide . The only advantage of the water in Methana is that you go there antifouling need.

It stinks anyway skipper

” Well, we ‘ll see about that ! “

Of course we deviated from the route . Some challenges you can not go out of the way . The entrance to the port of Methana is hard to find , according to the Pilot . ” Well, we ‘ll see about that ! ” Sounds the battle cry of our youngest crew . After we scraped about two meters deep threshold we are now in the ass to the shore to soak . Smell of methane gas The port is one of the type where you store your ship and then go home . The boulevard of Methana are modern and well maintained. There appear to be but again vacant . Excellent restaurants The best bar shows that of Mr Vangelis , the B & B Cafe – Bar & Edesmata . The best kept secret of Methana is that Vangelis has no restaurant because he has no license . He does have the best pizza in Greece but are not on the map . Just for 10 euros order a beer , the pizza is free , made a Englishman . For 20 euros we eat and drink there until late at night . Vangelis explains: ” We used to have a lot of tourism. But which was 15 years ago, less and less . The European Union took the empty hotels and not stimulated the construction of new hotels . And now there are , beside the old empty hotels also brand new empty hotels ” . After much Ouzo that appears at the end of the night very logical . After he waved us he crieth after us : “With this new empty hotels we can again years ahead! Were to replace the old ! ” Laughing, he pulls the door shut .

 Sailing around Poros

After a great welcome by dolphins we arrive in Poros . It is striking , and so note that there are many fish in the sea is . Not only dolphins: Robert and Irene perform evening fish in the harbor where we see pretty big bass and mullet swim . We explain again Mediterranean to 50 meters for the jetty we drop anchor . Quiet sailing backwards we bring the mirror of our Jeanneau at the jetty . Two landvastjes it and we have already earned a glass of Sangria !

In Poros we find the small alleys that lie behind the boulevard . It is in Poros slightly busier and therefore more expensive. But here we are surprised how clean everything is . Streets are just sucked out with a vacuum cleaner but there is no dust . How different from Athens. Wherever one lives of tourism we see this situation : one does ( just more ) its best to make sense without the otherwise annoying is the foreigner . Back of the restaurant ( especially the higher up search , follow the path up and follow your nose ) we see that the anchor chain by the swell flaccid hang . Fortunately, the anchor is just far enough to attract . Simply by turning within the chain ship back from the jetty In the sequel even further to the side so throw out .

Under the volcano of Methana along we sail to Epidaurus. The calm is used to swim behind the boat . Long lines that swimmers can intervene if things might go. Bit too hard

If long-awaited friends as we are treated that night by the innkeeper at the port of Epidavros . He turns to look for flottieljeleiders us and wants us all to pay for putting a fleet of ships with hungry sailors . If he finds out we are alone we get the standard dish which he apparently all flotillas cross : lots , cheap and fat . Epidavros is designed for the classic recipe of wine, women and song and shines like all such places outside the main season of sadness . There, the Greek sun even not change .

Sailing around Aegina

On the way to Aegina , the last port for Kalamaki , we make a stop in the bay of Kyra . The island is about 200 meters high and the slope is steep underwater basically by . We look the anchor method on the Greeks : when the bottom rises to 25 meters let the anchor pockets . With a line to a rock we pull the boat to shore. Regardless of whether the wind turns we are as a house . We snorkel in the clear water around the boat . The shadow of the ship emerges 10 meters deep at the bottom. It’s just a Wednesday afternoon so a bay in Greece . And this is why we do it all !

On the ground!

Aegina itself is exactly what it should be . The last stop before we sail back to the harbor in Kalamki . We put the ship at a busy waterfront terrace . The walkway runs almost straight to the bar! ” Can you still have a night on the panache treasure , ” says Pia . But at that time we feel a shock through the boat ! moor at dekroeg : how cool is that ?

The embankment appears not as straight and runs under the boat so the rudder touches the bottom . With mask and snorkel I see that a rock is exactly what is under our rudder . Fortunately there is no damage . We stories the boat a meter and after – dripping Robert and I reward ourselves with a cool cocktail at the bar . ” Lovely way to the pub , gentlemen, impressed ” says Pia who comes to bring us a towel . “If you but do not make it too late , tomorrow we have to Netherlands again ” . So many ” beautiful ” to look forward to : must be drunk, there shall Robert fixed . ” It’ll be raining in the Netherlands . Cheers ! ”

What have we learned ?

  1. Greece itself does not exist , for sailors . The different areas are characterized in their own way .
  2. The Sarolische Golf is also one of the Lonely Planet man wants to avoid a fine sailing , but a night out is to do good. We did that in Aegina port but also towns like Poros and Epidavros are attractive in high season for that matter .
  3. The Meltemi blowing from the north east . So Do not go too far to the south , there are many one-way charters offered to get . Ships back in Kalamaki
  4. We are not an economist , but ” The crisis ” is nothing new in the places we visited . The Greeks are only there to become friendlier .
  5. In the preseason ( we sailed in May ) the prices are very reasonable , as long as you are not tourists comes.
  6. Anchoring : chain stitch enough ( at least 5 times the water depth but preferably more ) . Takes into account wave space and others who might stabbing more or less chain . It is up to you between an anchor and a line to the shore.